About Karen

I’ve had trials and tribulations and tragedies just like you. I’m a real person. I’ve had disappointment and heartbreak and rotten lousy days where I just didn’t really feel like being healthy and optimistic. But I’ve learned that while I may not have a choice about what happens to me, I have a choice about how I get through it. And that makes a difference.

You have that choice too.

I educate my clients on psychoneurobiology , meaning your brain and body are trying to help, but sometimes the message gets lost in translation. If we understand the mechanisms behind our discomfort, it is easier to unravel them. I teach skills for self-regulation drawn from somatic practices. I use cognitive behavioral strategies to change both physical and emotional habits. I use EFT techniques, mindfulness and EMDR. I advocate for holding healthy boundaries and using assertive communication skills.

Every person is different, and I believe that because of that every person’s therapy is different. It’s my job to take a look at YOUR situation and YOUR challenges and help you find what works with a lot of laughter and a side of kleenex. What you can expect from me is an honest and kind assessment of what I see, practical tools to carry with you out of the office and a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge if you need it.

The journey can be hard. But you don’t have to do it alone.