CLINICIANS! You don't have to sit in a hotel conference room all day to get your CEU credit!

Build a new framework for moving past instinctive, fear-based reactions toward a more purposeful, conscious and effective pattern of response to stress.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the instinctive component underlying many of the psychiatric "disorders" we treat.
  • Normalize the concept of anxiety as a manageable part of a healthy, adaptive response to stress.
  • Improve clients' sense of self-efficacy by teaching them to recognize the fear-based response and to implement strategies for a more purposeful and effective, rather than reactive framework.
  • Decrease emotional distress in clients through psycho-education and distress tolerance skills.
  • Set clients up for success by helping them develop realistic goals to learn to appreciate and utilize emotional information.
  • Understand "resistant" clients in a new way and improve treatment outcomes.

Course Overview

  • Redefining Anxiety
  • The Physiology of Fight or Flight
  • Societal influences
  • Concepts of Pressure, Release and Reward
  • Stress vs. Anxiety
  • Interventions

** This program is held in an indoor equestrian facility. Please dress comfortably and casually.

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