Join us for this UNIQUE experience!

It's that feeling of dread: the butterflies in your stomach, tightness in your chest, tingling in your muscles, increased heart rate and breathing and the urge to run. This response makes sense if we are faced with a life-threatening danger, but too often we experience the same body symptoms when we deal with the daily stress of our lives. The result? Anger, depression, a feeling of general discomfort, and we may begin to avoid and withdraw. We no longer enjoy our lives and feel like we are just surviving from day to day.

Set yourself free from the grip of anxiety by understanding the instinct behind it.

This is NOT an equine-assisted psychotherapy training.

Clinic participants do not interact with the horse. You do not need to know a thing about horses to enjoy this program!

See Change Happen!

  • By using a horse in this presentation, we can actually watch the impact of working through anxiety through the eyes of an animal driven entirely by instinct. It's like being able to watch what happens inside your brain.
  • Develop an increased understanding of the physical processes behind anxiety, and how to lessen their impact on your life.
  • Go home with some new tools, ready to implement new strategies to change your approach to stress and anxiety.

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