Defusing Fight or Flight
A Workshop for Counselors
6 CEU's available

Open Registration
Limited to 40 participants

The beautiful majestic horse

- the embodiment of power and freedom - is an animal entirely driven by the instinct of fight or flight. In this unique presentation, we are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Louis Wood, a talented horseman who provides a powerful visual model of what can be accomplished when we move beyond fear and resistance.

Louis's demonstration with a horse allows observation of the fight or flight response and provides an opportunity to witness dramatic change within the parameters of a time-limited, controlled environment.

This dynamic experience allows participants to literally "see" anxiety happen and watch the powerful transformation from REACTION to RESPONSE.

Segments in which we demonstrate these concepts with our equine volunteer are interspersed with an informative and interactive presentation in which participants will have an opportunity to begin to translate what they have observed into strategies for managing anxiety.

For more information about Louis Wood please visit
Mountain View Ranch.

NOTE: This is NOT an equine-assisted psychotherapy training.
Clinic participants do not interact with the horse. You do not need to know a thing about horses to enjoy this program!

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